Elk & Moose, Tapes

Primos On The Double 949

$16.45 $12.95

Primos On the DoubleFeatures:- Produces Sound of Two Different Estrus Cows at Once- Allows User to Mimic Sound of Two Cows Fighting for Attention Herd Bull- Two Reeds Allow Complete Range of Sounds

Primos Timberline PS9501

$25.45 $19.95

Primos Timberline Closed Reed CallFeatures:- Premium Hardwood Barrel- Produces Subtle Sounds for Close-in Calling- Produces Soft Mews

Primos Timberline PS9502

$25.45 $19.95

Primos Timberline Open Reed CallFeatures:- Open Reed Cow Call- Premium Hardwood Barrel- Capable of Higher Volume Calls- Produces Accurate Estrous Cow Call