Owls, Crows & Songbirds

Cass Creek Game Calls Crow Call CC065

$32.99 $24.95

Like every Cass Creek Call, Ergo Series calls feature live recordings of real animals making actual sounds. Calls Include:- MacDaddy- Crow Distress- Crow/Owl Flight- Crow Frenzy- Hawk Attack

Primos Dove Call 362

$9.45 $7.95

The Dove call is easy to use. For morning or afternoon hunts, the call can be used to entice doves closer for that perfect show. To recreate sounds of the different species of doves, vary the rhythm according to the species of dove you are trying to call...

Primos Locator Call 302

$8.95 $6.95

Sounding like a crow is a perfect way to entice a springtime gobbler into giving away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Crow Call is also perfect for calling and hunting crows...

Primos Locator Call 330

$10.45 $8.95

A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away his location is to sound like a crow. With the Power Crow, you can do just that. Then you can move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Power Crow is also perfect for calling and...

Primos Locator Call 331

$10.45 $8.95

The 8-note call of the barred owl has a rasp that is heard only when you are extremely close. This is the sound that turkeys will respond to the best. The Power Owl has been designed to accurately reproduce this sound with strong volume, to locate even...

Primos Locator Call 360

$13.45 $10.95

The Old Crow has been designed to replicate the exact volume, pitch, and cadence of crows. Whether you're trying to call up a bunch of murderous crows or locate a turkey, the Old Crow does it best. By getting the crows stirred up, you can pull a gobble...

Primos Locator Call PS359

$21.95 $16.95

The Shock'N Owl is used to shock that Tom into giving up his location. This is a custom hardwood owl call that will help you locate those big Toms. Get em fired up early in the morning with the Shock'n Owl.Features :- Two distinctively different owl...

Primos Magnum Chukar 347

$11.95 $9.95

A few taps on The Magnum Chukar is all it takes to perfectly reproduce the cluck or cackle of the Chukar. It is louder than other calls, making it perfect for locating and re-grouping a covey, even at long distancesFeatures:- Large bellow creates louder...

Primos Peacock 336

$10.45 $8.95

The shrill cry of the peacock is well known for driving gobblers crazy. Toms will not let the sound of a proud peacock out do their booming gobble. Use the peacock call and they won't be able to resist giving away their location. The peacock call is also...

Primos Pheasant 342

$11.45 $8.95

The Pheasant call is easy to use. In the early mornings, the call can be used to entice a cock pheasant into giving away his location by answering with a cackle. When you have moved into gun range, use an excited raspy series of cackles, to flush the...

Primos Quail Call PS339

$9.45 $7.95

The Valley Quail is a great locator call. The design is ideal for long range locating. Simply bite and blow to sound like multiple birds.Features: - New design for long-range locating - Versatile tones: simply bite down on the call to sound like multiple...

Primos Quail Call PS341

$9.45 $7.95

The Mountain Quail is great for locating a covey or a single bird. The larger design is for long-range locating. The lanyard ring allows for quick accessibility and reduces the possibility of losing it a field.Features:- Larger design for long range...