Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Hollow Point Pellets BHP22

$12.61 $8.95

Benjamin .22 Discovery Hollowpoint pellets. Potent, hard hitting and very accurate pellets that produce excellent knock down and flair on impact.Features:- Storage container - Discovery Hollowpoint Specifications:- Caliber: .22 Caliber- Shape: Hollow...

Crosman 250 Wadcutter Pellets (Blister Box) 6177

$4.32 $2.95

Wadcutter pellets are ideal for paper targets. The flat nose punches a crisper, rounder hole in paper targets, for easy scoring. 250 Wadcutter pellets in a tin.Specifications:- Caliber: .177- Shape: Wadcutter- Weight: 7.4 Grains- Material: Lead-...

Crosman Copper Magnum Premier Domed Pellet CPD22

$9.84 $7.95

.22 Copper Magnum Domed Pellet (150 ct)Features:- Maximum accuracy- Cleaner handling- Improved rifling engagement- Reduction in deformation Specifications: - Quantity: 150 - Shape: Domed- Grain Weight: 14.30- Material: Lead