Scotty Downrigger Weight 3025

$22.49 $16.95

Great helper and safety precaution for the downrigger fisherman. Brings weights in for rigging lines and releases without having to lean out over a gunnel. Heavy-duty long-wearing nylon fairlead. A must for all downriggers.Features:- For Downriggers-...

Scotty Downrigger Weight 370

$11.99 $8.95

Trolling SnubberAttach between your downrigger cable and weight. The Scotty Trolling Snubber absorbs shock provides electrical insulation and helps prevent snagging. Easy to grip.No. 370 Trolling Snubber with Cannonball snap and SAMPO Swivel Product...

Scotty Downrigger Weight 371

$7.99 $5.95

Scotty No. 371 Trolling Snubber w/o Sampo SwivelFeatures:- Trolling Snubber with Sampo trolling snap only- Simply connect your downrigger terminal end directly to the snubber top loop

Scotty Round Lead Weight 1017

$45.00 $16.95

The Scotty Downrigger Weight - 3 lb. is perfect to get your baits down deep to ensure a constant depth while trolling with a downrigger. The tail fin ensures that the Scotty Downrigger Weight will not spin and twist underwater, allowing your lures to run...